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November 13, 2008

A special offer for Zacton Press clients.

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For clients who have their manuscript appraised with Zacton Press, I’m offering a 10% discount on editing services. This discount only applies to the appraised work. Simply send me a query, with word count, to for a full quote. The base fee is $35 Australian dollars per hour, payable via PayPal.


November 12, 2008

A work in progress.

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I’m currently working on pages for this site. First one up will be resources. Most of the resources will be print books, titles linked to Amazon listings. A few might be online versions, and I’ll make a note of that if so.

Reference books are invaluable tools for any writer, fiction and nonfiction. Whether it’s a research paper, an article, a novel, or what have you, you simply can’t ignore the vast amounts of information just waiting to be used. Everything from how to format a research paper’s bibliography page, to in-text citations, to the correct usage of various words. You name it, it’s in a book somewhere for writers.

I have several of them, and not just the ones for other languages and general research. My library is ever-expanding, and while I have a few books elsewhere in storage, my current crop consists of: The Elephants of Style (Bill Walsh); Writer’s Guide to Character Traits (Linda N. Edelstein, Ph.D.); The Chicago Manual of Style (15th Edition); and a massive Webster’s Dictionary and Roget’s Thesaurus. My AP stylebook (Associated Press), my Elements of Style (Strunk and White), and my MLA handbook are all in storage.

Feel free to check back often, as I will most likely add new reference books as I come across them.

New venture.

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Welcome to my new blog, primarily dedicated to my editing work. I’ve recently signed on as freelance editor for Zacton Press, a manuscript appraisal company based in Australia. The owner is a dear friend of mine, and quite an accomplished author himself. When he brought up the idea of editing for Zacton Press, I honestly couldn’t say no. He’s great to work with, professionally and personally.

In addition to the work I’ll be doing with Zacton Press, I’m going to start branching out into freelance editing. I currently edit for two of my publishers, and in the past, I’ve edited for an online review website. I’m proficient in Microsoft Office and OpenOffice, and can work with many common file types. I’m knowledgeable in MLA, AP, and Chicago Manual of Style formats; and my books span several genres and cross-genres.

In addition to information on my editing, I’ll post tips and tricks of the trade; plus things to help authors polish their work, be it a research paper, a newspaper article, or a novel. So have a look around, and I hope you find something useful here.

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